Maintaining your detection system

Use best practice to maintain your EAS detection system

Daily Tests
The purpose of daily testing is to establish that the system is performing properly. These tests
should take place before the store opens.

  1. Check the pedestal power cord to ensure the system is connected to the AC power
    source. If not, plug the system into the AC power source and move onto step 2.
  2. Move a hard tag between the pedestal systems; if an alarm activates, the system is
    operational. Repeat this action at different heights and distances from the pedestals.
    Normal environmental electrical noise or interference may affect the performance of your
    pedestal system and an EAS tag may not alarm the system in all tag orientations. This is
    normal; however, the EAS tag should alarm the system in MOST tag orientations.
    If the system is not operating, check the circuit breaker in the store’s breaker box. If the
    breaker tripped, reset it and check system performance. If the breaker will not stay on,
    call an electrician for service.
  3. Document all system tests for your records.